Modified Nationals at Rockingham Motor Circuit 2nd-4th June 2006 turned out to be an excellent event for all involved with the S12oc.

The event began on Friday 2nd for the S12oc as various members arrived on the camp site throughout the day. S13Eater arrived during the morning and constructed his castle sized tent. Unfortunately, S13Eater's daughter arrived minus two fingers which didn't assist her car polishing skills too well, although she did manage to keep her Dad's and Den's cars looking great.

Duncan and his other half traveled all the way from Ireland and turned up at Rockingham at 10pm!! Pukka and Dr Silvia arrived shortly afterwards to join the rest of the club members.

Den (Japster) and his better half, Lorna, arrived early Saturday morning. Amazingly Den did arrive when he said he would, rather than at the end of the event as usual!!

Plenty of track action was seen by our S12oc members who resulted is some very good times - once Pukka had finished emptying the contents of his sump onto the track.

S13Eater employed two new racing drivers who managed to gain some excellent 0-60 times. Den's wife, Lorna, achieved a faster 0-60 time than Den himself on the Sunday, and RichardK managed some very good times despite his badly slipping clutch.

The S12oc camping evenings turned out rather amusing as everyone had a few (hundred) cans of beer inside them! A certain four members of our party disappeared into a strip club for a few hours on the Saturday night whilst the rest of our crew enjoyed well done sausages on the BBQ.
RichardK was then found in a sleeping bag covered in rubbish (photographic evidence was later found!) in the middle of the camp site without a tent! I wonder who put the rubbish there, Shaun? Tash???

On the S12oc club stand were Pukka, S13Eater, RichardK, Den and Duncan's Silvias. Unfortunately, various other members were unable to make the event - better luck next time guys.

Dr Silvia and RichardK enjoyed chatting up various show girls and taking photos of them sprawling over RichardK's car!

The weather was fantastic all weekend and this time our Gazebo didn't collapse around us.

A massive thank you to everyone who turned up to the event. See you all and more at JAE 2006 in July....................