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rpettafor 13-10-2006 11:00

Where is everybody?!
as i still havent met any other s12 owners or there cars, and dont know where to look, how about adding yourself onto this here map - http://www.frappr.com/?a=showmap2&mapid=2789545


shaziman 13-10-2006 11:32

Yeh defo, then you may have a few fellow owners at the Sx Wokingham meets!!

Poor Rob!!

rpettafor 13-10-2006 11:59

I dont need you pity!


had any luck with that spare wheel yet?

shaziman 13-10-2006 13:22

Possibly 30psi should be having one, will get it when he's next in the neighbourhood!

wacomuk 13-10-2006 16:27

done :)

JackieFan 13-10-2006 16:38

Done, it's a really cool feature! You could add all sorts to it, things like places to stay and eat, motorsport venues, rolling roads that sort of thing.

Cracking idea rpettafor! :D

PukkaSilvia 13-10-2006 19:47

It sAYS admin need to be logged in for me to do it :(

Great idea though.

bigtim 13-10-2006 20:02

didnt some one else do this a few months ago

PukkaSilvia 13-10-2006 20:12

I put a locations thread up in non s12 chat along with location field in your profiles

JackieFan 31-10-2006 15:16

Any reason why this didn't really get off the ground? It would be really useful especially when organising events as you can see at a glance whos near what and so on.

Maybe if it was a sticky it wouldn't get lost :confused:

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