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jonnyjapanese 29-01-2013 22:56

Rear Bushes
found these nylon rear subframe bushes on ebay if anyone needs them they seem a fair price - he accepted £30.00 inc postage from me


tim murphy 30-01-2013 19:59

don,t look big enough for rear sub frame bushers good price mine cost me 150 the pair :eek: cheers .

northerner 12-09-2014 19:43

S12/Z31 rear trailing arm bushes INNER for toe
Just ordered a pair of inner trailing arm mount bushes, the ones with the serrated edges for the toe-in. Trouble is they have quoted me 3 wks and they may come back NLA no longer available. Part number 55045-01P10 for S12/Z31. Worth considering if your doing a rear subframe rebuild. they are however still available in the USA from courtesyparts.com :cool:

s13eater 12-09-2014 20:31

you can trailing arm bushes from this country from superflex

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