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Default s12 Silvia '86 1.8 turbo Auto 77k in Birmingham

A mate and I have just purchased the above car which to our surprise it drove all the way from Essex to Birmingham faultlessly. The car is more or less standard with some replacement parts, not sure of the make or the model of parts but it has has a new radiator, and turbo done at some point. The car doesn't have a great body at the moment with some minor cosmetic dings and dents, the rear bumper has a 'dent' in it but it looks more like its curved in ever so slightly. The interior is completely standard and in actual good condition too including the original stereo.
I know many of you are thinking that it should or would be better as a manual, however I honestly do not mind, as I didn't intend on driving the car as a hoon, I only brought the car for the retro-ness and I like the way the front end looks on the car mixed in with the fact that it was cheap (in comparison to an AE86) and still looks cool.
The plan is simple, I do want to change a few things, for this car I'm not going to be a purist, as I'm feeling the whole retro jap car vibe at the moment, hence why I will be getting wide fenders, watanabe or similar wheels, replace the spoiler as it has seen better days. The color of the car is blue, I want to stick to that theme but maybe have it two tone with blue over black, where the black will spill over onto the fenders, and then the black bits in the bumpers will look like they are incorporated into the black theme, then to put some coilovers of some sort. The blue interior is okay, but the only change I will make is more than likely the seat, sticking to the same color without changing it too much, I may get blue recaros from a DC5 integra as I like those seats as they offer a decent level of comfort.
Anyways thats the plan, lets see how far it materialises, as the first hurdle is getting it MOT'd
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